Barley – Allergic Dermatitis

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Barley – Allergic Dermatitis

October, 2022

Barley is an 8 year old male domestic shorthair cat. He presented to us with severe allergic dermatitis with multiple lesions rostral to his right ear and on the right side of the ventral neck. The lesions contained red inflamed papules that were quite itchy and became ulcerated over time as Barley scratched at them. Barley also experienced hair loss in the location of these lesions.

On his first visit in March of 2022, Barley received biopuncture with autosanguis, which is a form of immunotherapy that uses the cat’s own blood to treat the condition. Homeopathics (biopuncture) were mixed with Barley’s own blood (autosanguis) and this mixture was put back into his body to reset the system. He also had Food Allergy Panel blood work to see what foods he was allergic to, with the understanding that the test is not always 100% accurate. The test revealed he was allergic to beef, beef liver, kangaroo, lamb, milk, and venison. He went home with a homeopathic mix for the allergies.

In April, Barley came in for a follow up treatment. The lesions were already starting to improve but were not completely healed. Barley received biopuncture and acupuncture as well as a vitamin B12 injection. He continued with the homeopathic mix for the allergies and continued avoiding the foods he was allergic to. In May he came in for another follow up and only received acupuncture and ozone therapy. The lesions had improved by 75% at this point.

Barley’s skin continued to improve and his next follow up was at the end of August. He received a new homeopathic mixture for inflammation and also had another treatment of acupuncture, biopuncture, and ozone therapy. The lesions were 90% healed.

By November, the lesions on Barley’s head were completely healed and the lesions on his neck were almost gone. The hair was also starting to grow back. Barley had another maintenance treatment of biopuncture and acupuncture and will continue this treatment to maintain his new healthy looking skin.

By April of 2023, we are happy to report that Barley has 90% recovery from the allergic dermatitis with the help of immunotherapy, diet, and homeopathics. The lesions are completely gone and the hair is in the process of growing back.

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