Frankie – Cushing’s Disease

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Frankie – Cushing’s Disease

Dog with Cushing’s Disease

Approximately 5 years ago Frankie was diagnosed with ‘Cushings’ by his conventional medicine veterinarian. We recognized symptoms in him, such as ongoing panting, extreme thirst, frequent urinating and the inability to calm down.

It was heartbreaking to be told that Frankie “will be on medication for the remainder of his life”. He was prescribed ‘Trylostene’. We immediately began giving this to him, although we asked Frankie’s vet for alternative options, he advised us that there were none. We were naïve to alternative options.

We were led to Dr. Haghighat and his team through a new friend and this was the beginning of a positive, life changing experience. Dr. Haghighat felt that the route of treatment should include acupuncture and some herbal/homeopathic remedies. It was almost immediate that we saw healing in Frankie with just a few acupuncture sessions and the inclusion of some herbal/homeopathic concoctions. We were advised to work towards “alkalizing” his body. We added apple cider vinegar to his diet and we soon put him on a raw food diet. Dr. Haghighat made it clear that we were working towards taking Frankie off Trylostene. We understood that there were many potential side affects from this medication and wanted to avoid that.

It was within a couple of months of acupuncture, diet change and herbal and vitamin supplementing that Frankie gradually came off ALL medication. His symptoms were gone!!!! He became exuberant, youthful and happy!

It’s been an active road of continuing research and staying in communication with Dr. Haghighat about the state of Frankie’s health.

I am thrilled to share that at 12 years old, Frankie shows no symptoms of ill health. Rather, it has been the opposite, we have actually watched him grow healthier.

We are so proud of Frankie and ourselves as a family for our open mindedness and for putting our trust in Dr. Haghighat and the alternative medical route. I trust whole heartedly after this experience that with LOVE, education and the use of acupuncture, natural herbs/supplements and HEALTHY FOOD, that health is attainable in almost all circumstances.

WE are grateful to Dr. Haghighat and the universe for the positive guidance and love shared with us and our Frankie. We look forward to many more years of health and happiness for him.


Carmelinda Di Manno

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