Gabriella – Cruciate Injury

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Gabriella – Cruciate Injury

This is Gabriella, a 2 year old chestnut brindle Cane Corso and this is the story of her recovery from a double cruciate injury.

I had waited 15 years to own a Cane Corso and the day that I brought her home was an extremely joyous occasion for my household and the other two dogs that live there. Right from the beginning I was determined to provide the proper veterinary care for her; that meant regular visits to North East Newmarket Veterinary Services.

Gabby was a very curious and playful puppy and, being pack oriented, she was always looking for any dog to play with which eventually led to her injury.

I first noticed her limping in early spring and thought nothing of it, but, being a mastiff breed and at close to 100 pounds, any leg injury could turn serious if not properly looked after.

This led me to North East Newmarket Veterinary Services and Dr. Haghighat. My pack and I have been going to them for almost 10 years and I knew that Gabby would be well taken care of there.

After examining Gabby, Dr. Haghighat informed me that it was a cruciate injury and, as we all know, this type of injury conjures up thoughts of surgery, long recovery periods and a large vet bill. However, Dr. Haghighat informed me that it was not hopeless and that he would be able to heal Gabby using his holistic approach.

He immediately started treatment which included homeopathic injections, photonic therapy, supplements to be administered at home as well as instructions on her limitations and do’s and don’ts.

We continued on this course for a few months and she was well on her way to recovery when she re-injured herself. Well, this continued on and off for about 6 months and I was completely at a loss as to why this kept happening. However, Dr. Haghighat completely eased my mind telling me that all animals heal differently.

So Gabby had almost recovered when she tore her other cruciate. I was completely heart broken and called Dr. Haghighat immediately in tears, terrified that now I might face the ultimate decision. Do I give in to surgery (I was quoted $6, 000.00 for both knees)? Once again, Dr. Haghighat worked his magic and started on the same injections and supplement protocol as before. His words of comfort and encouragement enabled me to survive this difficult ordeal. I am now extremely happy to report that after 8 months my beautiful Gabby has finally recovered. Yes, it took a bit longer than most, but then again Gabby isn’t just any ordinary dog.

I owe her recovery and my sanity to the amazing Dr. Sasan Haghighat and his wonderful staff for taking such good care of me and ALL my dogs. I couldn’t have survived this ordeal without the compassion and knowledge and excellent service of North East Newmarket Veterinary Services.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me and my pack. We are eternally grateful for your commitment to help all animals the holistic way.

Milena, Rex, Maya and Gabriella.

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