Jasmin – Growth/Tumour in Liver

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Jasmin – Growth/Tumour in Liver

In September, 2012, we were at our place on Manitoulin Island with our dogs, Jasmin and Layla. They were seven years old at that time and are a Lab-Sheppard mix and sisters. They are beautiful, great dogs and we always take them with us to Manitoulin. We noticed that Jasmin was not eating her food and got very concerned. After two days, we drove to an Island veterinary clinic and discovered that her temperature was 103. The veterinarian said to take her to our veterinarian ASAP. The next day we drove back home and took Jasmin for tests at the area veterinarian where we formerly used to take our pets. An x-ray and ultra sound revealed that Jasmin had a growth/tumor in her liver. The veterinarian’s solution was to have the growth cut out as soon as possible. We did not want to go this route and I made an appointment right away with the North East Vet Services. We had already been to Dr.Sasan Haghighat with Layla to get het treated holistically and naturally for discoid lupus that she probably developed from a vaccination she had when she was two years old.

Sasan examined Jasmin and he was so gentle, understanding and patient with her. His diagnosis was that yes, there is a growth but do not have the growth cut away as it will not do any good. Instead the growth can be reduced and managed with a change to a completely natural diet along with holistic ministrations, vitamins and supplements. On this first visit with Jasmin, Sasan did biopuncture and autosanguis; gave a B12 injection; as well as a homeopathic mixture. Sasan gave us Lyposheric Vitamin C, Livaplax Heel mix, and Chinese herbs to administer to Jasmin at home. He also recommended changing her diet to a very healthy one by feeding her a combination of NRG Maxim which is a dehydrated grainless, raw diet along with cooked vegetables and not feeding her traditional dog kibble or canned food.

At of the time of writing this blog on January 29, 2014, we want to let you know that Jasmin is very much alive, active, happy and healthy. We know this is all due to taking her to Sasan plus following his recommendations re: diet and supplements. Jasmin has been to see Sasan a few times in the last year and a half for check-ups and to get holistic and nutritional supplements.

Thank you Sasan for all that you have done and will continue to do for our Pets!

Brenda and Jules

The Holistic Vet Update:

On May 5, 2014, Jasmine came to our clinic with a poor appetite for 2 days. Despite acupuncture and homeopathic treatment, the appetite was still poor for 3 more days and her quality of life started to deteriorate.

Jasmine’s family helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge on May 10th, 2014. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Jasmine’s family.

With deepest sympathy,

Dr. Sasan Haghighat, Nicole & Jennifer

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