Lola – Calcinosis Cutis

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Lola – Calcinosis Cutis

Lola after treatment

Lola is a female 8 year old Rottweiler who presented to us with severe calcinosis cutis, a skin disease in which calcium deposits build up on the surface of the skin. Lola had calcification along her neck, head, ears, and chin, covering about 20% of her body. She also presented with deep pyoderma, immune-mediated thrombocytopenia, hypercalcemia, and elevated liver enzymes. Calcinosis cutis is typically treated with surgery to remove the calcifications, however surgery is always a risk, requires recovery time, and does not treat the underlying cause. Lola’s other underlying conditions put her in a higher risk category, so Lola’s guardians decided to attempt holistic treatment before resorting to surgery.



Lola’s first treatment involved an acupuncture session, biopuncture, and a vitamin B12 injection. She went home with Gui Pi Tang, which is a Chinese herbal medicine, as well as 2 homeopathic mixes. One homeopathic mix regulated the parathyroid glands, which worked to improve the hypercalcemia. The other helped support the endocrine system to decrease the liver enzymes. Lola’s diet was also changed to a cooked home-prepared diet that consisted of 50% meat and 50% green leafy vegetables.


After only four weeks, Lola’s skin had improved greatly, and there were only a small amount of calcium deposits. Lola’s guardians were also able to lower her prednisone dose, and her energy level increased. One week later, Lola came in for a follow-up, and her skin condition had improved drastically. Lola received another session of biopuncture and another vitamin B12 injection. She also received ozone therapy, and went home with another prescription of the two homeopathic mixes. We are happy to report that Lola’s skin is looking great, she no longer needs to be on prednisone, and was able to avoid surgery.

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